Energy Storage

Smile Energy has taken over the distribution of Nanotech Energy products in Greece, the Balkans, North Africa & the Middle East.

Smile Energy through cooperation with Nanotech Energy provides integrated energy storage systems with graphene-based batteries. Considering safety, cost-effectiveness, sustainability and a more efficient method of harnessing renewable energy sources, we provide a fundamental solution to safer and longer battery life.

Graphene is a technological revolution in energy storage devices, providing new features and benefits that do not exist in today’s technologies

The improved properties of Nanotech Energy’s batteries make them non-flammable, but also allow them to operate in a wide range of temperatures making them suitable for all weather conditions. Their applications are wide from charging the smartphone in a few seconds as well as the laptop, of power tools, medical devices and even electric cars.

About Us

In a constantly changing environment with global energy challenges, our company seeks to promote renewable energy sources, as well as their storage in an affortable and sustainable way, in order to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. Our goal is to transition to clean energy through innovation and the provision of high-value products and services. Our team has been active in the field of renewable energy sources since 2005 and is consisted of experienced professionals in the energy sector with a highly technical background in energy storage, but also with people who meet the requirements of the energy market. While developing the spirit of innovation, our team has achieved many milestones in the field of energy.


The company’s participation in the Electricity Trading sector is very active, as it operates in the Balkan markets, specifically in countries such as Bulgaria and Romania. By playing an active role in the energy progression, we will be soon operating photovoltaic plants in the free market. Also, we will be able to provide to our customers the possibility of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) through which they will have access to renewable energy sources that are reliable and certified, while determining the cost of their energy consumption.

Retail Services

Smile Energy operates as an official partner of the Fysiko Aerio Ellhniki Etaireia Energeias (Natural Gas of Greece) company, which is a modern and reliable energy provider. Fysiko Aerio Elliniki Ellados designs customized electricity and natural gas products, achieving economy and safety. With reliability, responsibility and high expertise in mind, while offering unique electricity and natural gas products and services, our company has developed a wide customer base from residential customers to large industrial consumers.


Aiming at the energy transition and the replacement of conventional fuels, our company in collaboration with a wide range of partners, is active in the production of electricity from
renewable sources. The high solar radiation throughout Greek territory favors the production of electricity through photovoltaic systems. Having the necessary knowledge in the exploitation of photovoltaic projects since 2007, we operate and manage projects that have contributed to the reduction of several tons of CO2 emissions.



Our team has a substantial amount of experience and excellent knowledge of the Greek law in the licensing of photovoltaic plants. The relevant department of our company can support all the stages of the licensing process which are necessary for the implementation of a PV plant. We carry out an extensive assessment of the spatial and environmental constraints, as well as of the technical characteristics that will contribute to securing suitable land and will meet all the criteria of the licensing process. With many years of experience in the development of photovoltaic plants, we have a wide portfolio of projects over 100 MW consisting of small projects to large clusters.


Energy Storage

As a pioneer in the energy storage industry, in partnership with Nanotech Energy, our company provides integrated energy storage systems, providing a fundamental solution to safer and longer battery life. Having as a key component the graphene, a revolutionary material, Nanotech batteries do not burn providing the safest solution for large commercial storage units and industries as well as for home use.





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